Laurinburg Institute’s athletics program is an essential facet to the school philosophy, which seeks to develop the whole child–including physically.  On the court and in the classroom, student leadership, integrity and character remain a central focus for the school. The athletic program teaches athletes to take pride in whatever they decide to do, and to do it to the utmost of their ability.

Program Overview

The program is designed to improve the total level of fitness of athletes by developing strength, agility, speed, and endurance. Athletics provide the opportunity to extend classroom lessons to a broader playing field where life lessons can be learned; lessons in teamwork, self-discipline, respect and responsibility that enrich the lives of our students and prepare them for life in the “real world” following graduation.

The school is proud of its rich history of success. According to Joseph Milford in the December 2, 2014 edition of Elite Daily, Laurinburg Institute is number 5 of “10 High Schools that have produced the Most NBA Players in History”.  They are:

#5 – Laurinburg Institute (Laurinburg, North Carolina) 11 Players

Shawne Williams – 2006 – Indiana Pacers

Chris Washburn – 1986 – Golden State Warriors

Jimmy Walker – 1967 – Detroit Pistons

Charlie Scott – 1972 – Phoenix Suns

Sam Jones – 1957 – Boston Celtics

Chris Johnson – 2011 – Portland Trailblazers

Mike Evans – 1979 – San Antonio Spurs

Joey Dorsey – 2008 – Houston Rockets

Charlie Davis – 1971 – Cleveland Cavaliers

Renaldo Balkman – 2006 – New York Knicks

Antonio Anderson – 2009 – Oklahoma City Thunder

According to Sports Illustrated, Laurinburg Institute “…assembled the best high school prep team ever after winning the National Prep High School Tournament championships back to back.”